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Syncres Global was founded to make international research and development more pragmatic, inclusive and convenient! 

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You don’t need to travel. We bring you the data.

No field stress and risk. We take away your pain!

No cost on your travel and accommodation. We give you value for money

Genuine and quality research insights. We tell it as it is!

We make your research count. Research-to-change!

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Our Services

Research Support Services

We help gather your field data in  Ghana whiles abroad. 


We help implement or deliver research and development projects. 

Specialised Services

Spatial analysis services (based on our experts availability, check with us)

Freelance Services

We are flexible and provide tailored services that work for you.  T&C apply

What clients say about us?

Sylvia was our cultural translator and on the ground recruiter / researcher (aka "fixer") in Ghana for an IDEO project with a fortune 500 client. Sylvia and her team took an intentionally vague design research brief, understood and re-interpreted our research goals into a Ghana-specific research plan. We worked with Sylvia for several months to build our Ghana recruit and refine our Ghana-specific research plan together. As we were working remotely, she was able to work with us both on zoom, and async, and was very accommodating with her working hours to help us bridge the time zone gap (we were working across 5 different time zones!). Sylvia was unafraid to share her cultural perspective on how our research themes showed up, and use that to inspire different avenues for the team to learn. She crafted and led a 3-hour presentation with our design team and client on Ghana and various trends within the country as they relate to our research, which left our client deeply inspired, and later informed a lot of our design work. We were grateful to have Sylvia not just as a contractor, but as a true collaborator in our design research process and look forward to reaching out to her again the next time we find ourselves conducting research in Ghana.

Kaley Kunzelman,
Design Research Lead at IDEO (April 20, 2021)

Engaging Sylvia and her team at SyncRes Global was one the best decisions I could have ever made towards reaching my research objectives for four reasons. 1. Communication - Sylvia is an amazing communicator and worked with me to ensure that my research would be appropriate for the context of Accra. This included looking over the research objectives and survey questions ensuring that nothing was lost in translation. 2. Organization - it is no small task to go into an informal settlement and get busy people to meet with you to answer and discuss research questions. Especially from a group of people who feel as though they are always being studied and yet never see any positive outcomes. Sylvia was diligent in contacting the appropriate people in the communities and made all the necessary arrangements, and thus making sure that the research implementation went off without a hitch. 3. Connections - Sylvia and her team have built a wonderful network of contacts in Accra who are willing to engage and assist in research objectives. Doors were opened and people were willing to discuss matters (on the record) that they normally would shy away from. 4. Trust - because of all the above, Sylvia and her team are able to earn the trust of both the researchers and the participants. I am confident and trust the team to such an extent that most of the critical work was done without my physical presence in Accra. And when I did visit, my time on site was kept to a minimum because the difficult work had already been done. This is both extremely effective and a valuable financial savings for student researchers on a tight budget such as myself. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Sylvia and the work she does at SyncRes Global. The team is dedicated to ensure that your research objectives are met. They leave no stone unturned, and they go above and beyond to make your time on the ground effective, efficient, and productive. I could not have gotten the primary data I needed without their assistance, and I remain eternally grateful to Sylvia and her amazing team at SyncRes Global.

Nana-Yaw Andoh
Doctoral Candidate at University of Michigan | Taubman College

Sylvia and her team provided fieldwork and data collection support for my research projects in Ghana. They undertook large scale travel behaviour surveys in Accra and Kumasi for my research. Sylvia in particular was meticulous and resourceful and managed the entire data collection process from engaging and briefing field assistants to the actual data collection. The work was completed in a timely manner and the data they collected was extremely useful. Data collection is a lot of hard work, which requires dedication and understanding of the researcher’s needs and expectations. Sylvia and the team did a fantastic job in this regard and I highly recommend them for any one in need of their services.

Dr Ransford A. Acheampong.
The University of Manchester UK.

Thank you, Sylvia. I have scanned this very briefly this morning. It is the most thorough focus group transcript I have ever received, thank you!

Dr. Kelly Krawczky

Associate Professor and Ph.D. Program Director

Auburn University, Alabama

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Syncres Global was founded to make international research and development more pragmatic, inclusive and convenient! 

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