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Welcome to Syncres Global...... 
About Us

Syncres Global is a locally established research company in Ghana that uses pragmatic and innovative means to provide exceptional and insightful research and project delivery support to international organisations and individuals [philanthropic, NGOs, Universities, and businesses] .

We conduct quality research studies that reflect the underpinning development realities in Ghana, critically analysed using advanced tools and skills, implement projects while managing impact for sustainable growth and development. We have been quite successful in supporting international researchers/ organisations for both their academic and non-academic/industry research projects in Ghana.


As a youth-led company we are passionate, energetic, reliable, and continue to learn and grow in our aim to promote sustainable and inclusive development through research and managing development projects in Ghana and Africa at large.


Who We Are

Our mission is to provide genuine and insightful research and data that reflect the underpinning development realities in Ghana and across Africa and implement projects which aim to solve the identified challenges. We aim to use our skills, local knowledge and experience to promote sustainable and inclusive research and development, thus Research-to-change!


Our vision is to become the reliable research hub in Ghana and Africa that delivers pragmatic, impactful and contextual-research and projects by collaborating with international organisations and individuals. 

We believe that with the right, quality and insightful research, development in Africa can be reorganised to be more inclusive, and sustainable . We see ourselves to be the missing link between research and development in Africa, starting from Ghana. 


Quality, Innovation, Integrity, and Passion in whatever we do.  

  • Core Principle

To us, research & development are intertwined. We believe that development depends on access to quality information and research that can inform laudable decisions and/or intervention.  Inclusive research is an invaluable asset toward sustainable development and forms an integral part of our“360-development” approach. Development from the people, by the people, and for the people!

  • Our Team

We are committed to research and project delivery excellence. We adopt a holistic recruitment approach and ensure that everyone brings something to the table or learns something from the table, which makes the difference!

Our Design & Delivery Approach

We believe in an inclusive and sustainable approach to research and project delivery. We start and end with the community! 

We do engage with our clients, understand their needs, guide & advice before execution. 

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Miss Sylvia Nyarko (She/Her)

Founder/ CEO

Alumni, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, England

Why Syncres Global ?

Hi there, my name is Sylvia Nyarko, founder/director of Syncres Global.

Nice to e-meet you! 


At Syncres global, we are focus on conducting local research and development in the Ghanaian and African context. We bring balance and perspective using both the international and local lens to inform our strategies and approach. I believe that research forms an integral part of our development  policies. Therefore, it should be pragmatic, conscious and inclusive but more importantly convenient and responsive! 

Growing up as a young African woman from Ghana, I have seen a fair share of abandoned or "white elephant" projects in several communities due to the lack of effective and inclusive research before implementation. I remember asking the obvious but relevant question "why?", these cost a lot of money! and having a mixed feeling of sadness and frustrations.  This motivated me to pursue a development-related career to help change the way things are done in my little small way. 


I am passionately concerned about who, what and how research and development are organised.  I believe that before any intervention there should be an intensive and inclusive research to critically understand the context and content of the targeted beneficiaries at the grassroot. We need to ask, listen and guide rather than impose our ideologies and solutions. Unfortunately, this is usually the case in most developing countries. 


I strongly advocate to look before we leap, research! However, conducting research in Ghana as an international researcher or organisation can be extremely difficult and highly political. This can sometimes compromise results and value.  There should be a reliable "local-insider", who can share politically-free and genuine local insights that reflect the underpinning development without compromising on value, quality and impact. This is where Syncres Global comes in!"

Our "360- approach” to research and development helps us to provide credible, most relevant and quality data for your academia or industry research.  We also help you in your planning, executing, monitoring or evaluating development projects.  We dare to reimagine how to promote sustainable and inclusive research and development in the global south!


What We Offer

Convenience. Quality. Impact. Professionalism

  • We offer  a “one-click” access to quality field data. No stress. No travel. No risk. Just a click away. 

  • We give you a virtual experience of your fieldwork at the comfort of your home.  Ask about our VFE-1 package!

  • We manage and coordinate all your research projects, activities and events. We keep you posted & Informed

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