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Image by Drew Beamer
Individual Publications
  • [Gifty Adom-Asamoah, Micheal Asibe, and Sylvia Nyarko] Rethinking or affirming the “affordability” debate on the efficiency of urban public transport usage: Case of Kumasi, Ghana. Transportation in Developing Economies, 7, 22 [2021].

  • Sylvia Nyarko [Forthcoming] The triumph of the Commons: A Case Study on the World’s Largest Radio Telescope in South Africa and Australia (Teaching Case study for Megaproject and Strategic Leader module, AMBS, University of Manchester)

  • Owusu, Maxwell, Monika Kuffer, Mariana Belgiu, Tais Grippa, Moritz Lennert, Stefanos Georganos, and Sabine Vanhuysse. "Towards user-driven earth observation-based slum mapping." Computers, environment and urban systems 89 (2021): 101681.

  • Kuffer, Monika, Jon Wang, Dana R. Thomson, Stefanos Georganos, Angela Abascal, Maxwell Owusu, and Sabine Vanhuysse. "Spatial Information Gaps on Deprived Urban Areas (Slums) in Low-and-Middle-Income-Countries: A User-Centered Approach." Urban Science 5, no. 4 (2021): 72.

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