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   Executive Team

Maxwell Owusu

Co-founder,  GIS expert & Technical Analyst

I am a geospatial data scientist and geo-focused development specialist with over 5 years of experience in the geospatial sector. He has an MSc in Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation from, the University of Twente.

I work as the assistant manager of the Youth Mappers Validation Hub and ensures data quality of OpenStreetMap edits across the globe. He has applied GIS and remote sensing to improve Urban and environmental planning in Ghana. Worked on introducing a new user-driven approach to poverty mapping in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, including funded projects in Africa and Asia. He is an advocate for open science.  

Research interest

I am interested in citizen science and GIS for improving environment planning and management, providing useful tools and data to support the humanitarian sector and poverty programs.  He is in charge of quality checks and control at Syncres Global, providing advanced tools and software to support research and project delivery, our “machine-brain”.

He makes our work easier, faster, and modern as he brings on board his expertise in projects and research we conduct and implement respectfully.

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