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One-on-One with the CEO

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

2020-2022: Looking Back on our Journey!

The first step is always the hardest. The fun part is the experiences.

Originally known as Synchronised Research, Syncres Global has evolved over the years acing our services and delivering excellent results. The idea to provide convenient research support to international researchers conducting research in Ghana started in October 2020 during the Covid-19 when there was a ban on international travel.

How it all Started

As a casual chat with a friend…

I called my friend who was pursuing her PhD in the UK to check up on her research work in Ghana. Unfortunately, she told me she has to halt due to the travel restriction or use secondary data instead of field data for her analysis, a recommendation by her university. She was worried about the originality and authenticity of her work. And I remember the sadness in her voice as we discussed the implications and consequences, the extra cost involved, the stress of changing her research methodology and the fear of the unknown. Thinking of my personal experiences in accessing data while studying abroad, I asked this simple question, do we always have to travel to collect field data? I started thinking of an alternative way of conducting international research without traveling. This was the birth of Syncres Global, previously known as Synchronised Research.

I later published an article on the University of Manchester, GDI Blog; (link below) to share my view on redefining how international research can be conducted during a global pandemic.

Surprisingly, I received positive feedback and landed me my first international client. Thanks to Chris who helped to share this article among potential clients at the University of Manchester. This motivated me to share on LinkedIn where I got my second client, a fortune 500 company from the US, the third based on recommendations, fourth from UK, Germany, Ghana (collaborated with some local firms) et al. In 2022, I decided to formalise and scale up my research service which led to the establishment of Syncres Global, as a limited company in Ghana with the legal license to provide research and development services to international researchers and organisations.

We are passionate about redefining how research and development projects can be more inclusive and reflect and drive to provide convenient, quality and responsive access to data that reflect the underpinning development realities of Ghanaians or coordinate and execute projects on behalf of our noble clients without them traveling. We continue to expand our services to encompass all other activities of conducting research in Ghana and across the continent.

We have worked with clients from Ghana, UK, US and Germany on both academic and Industry research including students, lecturers, and program/project leads of reputable organisations (Fortune 500, Universities) who were working on getting amazing insights, data or information that reflects the underpinning development realities of Ghanaians during the global lockdown, when they couldn’t travel.

This year, Syncres Global has scaled up and formalized our operations. We are happy to be registered as a legal company to provide research services and support to international researchers conducting/ executing research projects in Ghana.

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