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Why Syncres Global?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Syncres Global started as an idea to provide research support to researchers who are conducting research in Ghana. I realised that they usually go through unnecessary stress and challenges as a foreigner in Ghana, who just wants to collect data or organise a research project. I heard stories from some of my research friends who never got their data after paying some renowned individuals or academic departments who promised to help them with their field data, but they are still waiting..hahaha. Personally, I also went through a lot of frustrations and stress when I wanted to conduct my research in Ghana while studying abroad. However, I was more than convinced to do this during the Covid 19 when no one could travel and researchers had to stop, (you can check my article on my thoughts about that). I thought of how to re-organise international research. I felt that with modern technology people should still get access to field data even if they cannot travel.

Syncres Global was formed out of a need to help researchers conduct their research in Ghana or collect field data with ease and convenience without traveling. I see it to be an alternative to the usual norm of traveling across continents to gather data, if one does not want to, as well as the cost of flight, accommodation, living expenses,etc. We give you "real-time" data that reflect the development realities of Ghanaians.

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