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Our Recruitment Approach

As part of our recruitment policy, we employ or give opportunity to current and recent graduates with little or no experience. They bring new, refreshing and positive energy and perspectives to the team. An  Opportunity to Gain Hands-on Experience and Practical Insights whilst in school or immediately after before you get Started!

Our standard of excellence is buttressed by the pool of high talents that work with us even on a temporal contractual basis.  We promote openness and diversity in our working environment, which is made up of frequent collaborators in the portfolios of;

 -As a professional/Expert

We work with both international or local experts in the research area or project that we may be working on at a time. However, we do have our in-house expertise and professionals.  This helps us to ensure Diversity, and maintain Professional Standards and ethics which reflects in our excellent service delivery and output

  - As a Native/ Community expert

We are keen in ensuring maximum inclusion and participation. Therefore we strategically and intentionally recruit natives/locals, as our community experts (professionals and non-professional). They bring the Local know-how, Experiences, Culture, behavior to promote integration with guaranteed results that reflect the people.

- As a Student, Recent graduate

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