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Specialised Services
Spatial analysis services (based on our experts availability, check with us)

a.  Application of spatial techniques and geographic Information system (GIS)

b.  Remote sensing application 

c.  information management services: GIS data creation

d.  Data simulation and visualization

Virtual-Field Experiences

We challenge ourselves to give you the best experience and interactions with Ghananians while at home. We use state of the art digital technologies to connect clients and locals globally. We provide remote research and project support by giving you the best field experience via our VPFE package. Contact us to find out more about our Field Snapshot!

Research-to-Change (Project Management Support)

Our research-to change focuses on conducting in-depth analysis, stakeholder engagements and community participation to understand the underpinning development realities before project intervention and implementation. We ensure that projects are successfully implemented and impactful. Thus, development should be from the people, by the people, and for people.  Our "360- approach” to research and development helps us to provide credible, most relevant and quality data for your academia or industry research.

We provide support based on our local expertise and international experiences. Our services include:

Project Planning & Design

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning [MEL] 

Impact Assessment & Review 

Project Implementation & Execution

C. Freelance Support

Are you looking for an individual to help with your academic or industry research or project activities? Feel free to contact us and discuss what works for you. Our experts can opt out to provide research and project delivery support. You don’t necessarily have to work or collaborate with the company. We are flexible and provide tailored services that work for you.  T&C apply

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