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   Executive Team

Sylvia Nyarko, Miss

CEO/ Founder

“Our team is committed to research and project delivery excellence. We adopt a holistic recruitment approach and ensure that everyone brings something to the table or learns something from the table, which makes the difference!” ----CEO

I hold an MSc in Managing and Implementation of Development Projects from the University of Manchester, England, and a bachelor’s degree in Human Settlement Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana. I have experience in development project management at both the local and international level.

Currently doubles as the CEO and as the Operations Officer (Technology & Innovation Exhibition) in a renowned technology company in Ghana. I am open to new challenges and innovations that contribute to sustainable growth and socio-economic development, especially in the global south, whether research or project delivery. However, I am personally passionate and highly interested in research and projects in the field of inclusive innovation in the global south.  As well as research that explores the mechanisms and strategies in organinsing development projects in the global south.

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