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Kaley Kunzelman

Sylvia was our cultural translator and on the ground recruiter / researcher (aka "fixer") in Ghana for an IDEO project with a fortune 500 client. We were doing remote research in Ghana to learn both from the deep expertise in the country through expert interviews (that Sylvia led a masterful recruit on) as well as from the cultural nuance and history that we used to inform various perspectives on our work. Sylvia took an intentionally vague design research brief, understood and re-interpreted our research goals into a Ghana-specific research plan. We worked with Sylvia for several months to build our Ghana recruit and refine our Ghana-specific research plan together. As we were working remotely, she was able to work with us both on zoom, and async, and was very accommodating with her working hours to help us bridge the time zone gap (we were working across 5 different time zones!). Sylvia was unafraid to share her cultural perspective on how our research themes showed up, and use that to inspire different avenues for the team to learn. She crafted and led a 3-hour presentation with our design team and client on Ghana and various trends within the country as they relate to our research, which left our client deeply inspired, and later informed a lot of our design work. We were grateful to have Sylvia not just as a contractor, but as a true collaborator in our design research process and look forward to reaching out to her again the next time we find ourselves conducting research in Ghana.

Dr Ransford A. Acheampong.

Sylvia and her team provided fieldwork and data collection support for my research projects in Ghana. They undertook large scale travel behaviour surveys in Accra and Kumasi for my research. Sylvia in particular was meticulous and resourceful and managed the entire data collection process from engaging and briefing field assistants to the actual data collection. The work was completed in a timely manner and the data they collected was extremely useful. Data collection is a lot of hard work, which requires dedication and understanding of the researcher’s needs and expectations. Sylvia and the team did a fantastic job in this regard and I highly recommend them for any one in need of their services.

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